Some of us have already received the funds from the third stimulus payment, others are still waiting. Meanwhile, some lawmakers are already pushing for a fourth.

A group of 10 Democratic senators, including New York's own Kirsten Gillibrand, are currently circulating a letter that asks President Joe Biden to include additional stimulus money in the next spending bill, according to The Washington Post. The letter mentions “recurring” payments as part of the plan.

In the letter, senators say the two forms of payments are effective together.

"Data shows that direct payments and enhanced unemployment insurance are among the most effective forms of relief available. Not only do these payments help keep families out of poverty, but they act as economic stimulus by increasing spending and supporting jobs."

The proposal does not specify how big the checks should be or the eligibility requirements for direct payments that would recur as many times as deemed necessary. However, the overall infrastructure package is expected to carry an even bigger price tag than the $1.9 trillion relief bill passed by the House over the weekend, according to the Washington Post.

Signatures also include that of Senate Budget Committee head Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Senate Finance Chair Ron Wyden of Oregon, and Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Chair Sherrod Brown of Ohio.

“Unemployment insurance has replaced lost income for millions who have lost their jobs,” the senators write. “But millions of others do not qualify for unemployment insurance after seeing their hours reduced, switching to lower-paying jobs, or temporarily leaving the workforce to care for family members during the pandemic."

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The letter has not been publicly commented on by anyone at the White House, but that doesn't mean it won't.

Do you think we as New Yorkers could benefit from a fourth payment, or do you think it's unnecessary? Let us know in our station app.

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