Josh Ramos, the attorney for Quentin Suttles, who suffered serious injuries during an arrest by officers with the Buffalo Police Department, speaks about where the case stands currently.

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I had the chance to talk to Quentin's attorney, Josh Ramos, about the case and where it stands currently. His attorney says that since the repeal of Civil Rights Law 50a, they have requested the disciplinary records of the two officers involved, although he says the request may be delayed.

His lawsuit is against the City of Buffalo, the Buffalo Police Department and the officers. Attorney Ramos said that his office conducted their own investigation, prior to taking Suttles' case. Ramos said the goal of the lawsuit is to "promote change," not just to seek monetary damages.  They want to encourage officers to de-escalate with African-Americans.  He says that when officers see their co-workers being held accountable for their wrongs, it will help make some of those changes.  Ramos and Ramos can be contacted via their website.

A judge has ordered a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate the alleged police brutality that occurred in the arrest of Quentin Suttles, according to WKBW.  The New York State Supreme Court Justice has ordered that the prosecutor look into the allegations against two Buffalo Police Department officers.

The Erie County District Attorney, John Flynn, said he had a conflict of interest. Now, the Monroe County District Attorney's office will take the lead on the case. Flynn is prosecuting Suttles on an illegal gun charge, violating an order of protection and other charges. Suttles was arrested on May 10 by BPD officers. The incident, which was recorded on a witness' cell phone and officers' body cams, shows one of the officers punching Suttles in the head many times.

Police claim that Suttles resisted arrested and 'fought with officers.' They also say he ignored their requests for him to stop resisting. Suttles has filed a lawsuit against the City of Buffalo for use of excessive force. Suttles has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal contempt and harassment from arrests on September 8, 2019 and February 4, 2020.

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