Certain low-income residents in New York State will be getting millions of dollars in tax relief. Governor Kathy Hochul and legislative leaders made the announcement today, September 8, 2022. New Yorkers who meet income eligibility will have access to $475 million in tax relief to help their families combat inflation.

Which New Yorkers Are Eligible For The Tax Relief?

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Residents who received the Empire State Child Credit and/or the Earned Income Credit on their 2021 state tax returns will get financial assistance through the New York Department of Taxation and Finance. Monies from a $1.75 million fund will be used to provide assistance in the amount of $270 per eligible person (on average). Checks should arrive in mailboxes or accounts by the end of October.

Gov. Hochul said,

With this relief package, we're making good on our commitment to helping hardworking New Yorkers through the nationwide affordability crisis. This program will put money back in the pockets of nearly two million New York families struggling to make ends meet in the face of the pandemic, inflation, and other rising costs. My administration remains laser-focused on improving affordability statewide, and I thank the Legislature for its partnership in ensuring that New York families get this much-needed financial assistance.

If you are eligible for the assistance, you won't need to do anything. If you recently moved, you will need to update your address with the Department of Taxation and Finance. You can do so on this website.

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