Tonight's scenario comes from a frustrated man he wants to know how to spot a crazy woman? Here is what he wrote:

I seem to always get up with some drama filled, crazy ass acting woman. My baby mama is always keeping up some mess but she is just stupid. My ex girl changed up on me so we broke up and all she do is show out every time I see her. And now my new girl is acting up. She came at me all last week about nothing and really carried on a beef for a WHOLE WEEK. These women are always tripping with me about this and that.

She started in on me because my son's mom was hitting up my phone to ask for some money. She already know how my baby mama act but she wants to trip out on me and ask for her key back and stuff. I gave it to her and now we hadn’t spoke in 4 days. Man, its to the point where I don't even care anymore. I want you to put this out there for the ladies, how can you tell if a woman is crazy or not? Are there any signs? Cause I tried all different kinds of black women and I always end up with the same situation.

So lets make a list of the TOP 5 ways to tell if a woman is crazy for this guy. Don't worry ladies we will make a list for the fellas too.