Are you familiar with the stink bug or the halyomorpha halys? Its color is a mottled grayish-brown. It's about 3/4" long and has 6 legs and an antenna. They're so gross and rude. You see, they let themselves into your house uninvited through cracks around windows, doors, and other spaces they can squeeze their little triangle body through.

Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash
Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash

According to Orkin, the most active season for stink bugs is primarily March through September. Yes, they like the heat. WIBX reports the Farmer's Almanac is predicting the summer months will be a scorcher in CNY so it will be the perfect time for those stinky stinkers to thrive.

The Farmer's Almanac the summer months of June to September will be "ice cream melting and thunder filled." The forecast which covers most of the country is calling for steamy, yet stormy conditions..."Many of these storms could prove to be quite strong, particularly over the eastern third of the nation." So, be ready Central New York. [WIBX]

The hotter the summer, the more of them there are. YUCK. When you see a stink bug, don't lose your mind and smack it with your fly swatter because it WILL stink, yeah that's how they got their name, and its guts will irritate your skin and eyes.

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Stink bugs thrive in steamy weather; they also love light, but they can't swim. This leads us to a natural way to get rid of them. Simply set a trap with a light and a bowl of water underneath. They will flock to the light, fall into the water and die, or you can buy stinkbug traps to set under your light.

Pest World says another way to clear them out of your home is with your vacuum.

A vacuum cleaner can aid in the removal of live or dead stink bugs. The bag must be discarded to prevent odor from permeating the area. After stink bugs have entered the structure, it is best to isolate the affected room or rooms by sealing the bugs out. [Pest World ]

So, the best advice we can give is to seal up your house, so you don't have to deal with these stinky buggers.

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