Buffalo is the city that smells like Cheerios! The smells of whatever cereal is being made at General Mills that days wafts through the city and it always smells delicious. You know the cereal is made here, but does it stay local? Maybe what gets produced in Buffalo ships out to other markets, maybe it all ends up on the other coast? So how do you know if the cereal you're eating for your breakfast is made in Buffalo? It's all on the box! Not only can you tell where it was made but you can also know when it was made...down to the week.

All you need to do is take a look at the box top. You'll find a couple of codes containing numbers and letters. The first thing you can look at is the "Better If Used By" date. This doesn't just tell you about freshness, it also tells you about the production date. All you need to do is go back one year AND one week from the date listed on the box and that will tell you when that box of cereal was produced. For example, the box below has a "Better If Used By Date" of 26JAN2017 or January 26, 2017. This means the box was produced on January 19, 2016. It's not necessary information but it is a cool little trick to get a little backstory on your box cereal.



The next trick to finding out where your box of cereal was produced is look at the letter coding, you probably have already figured out that BU stands for Buffalo. As you can see on the box above the letters BU are right after the "Better If Used By Date." As far as the numbers and letter following the city code, information was not available at the time to find out what those mean but the information that we do know does give you enough to have the history of your box of cereal.

It's not anything ground breaking but it is a fun little trick that will probably have you looking at your box of cereal in the morning now.

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