According to a WGRZ News report, Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb states that going back to school for kids normally causes anxiety, so with COVID-19 added to the equation, regarding going back to school, anxiety is heightened.

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Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb identifies 3 different back to school scenarios in the WGRZ News report and solutions for all 3.

  • At-Home Learning
  • The Hybrid Learning Model
  • The Actual Classroom Setting

Dr. Taublieb, according to the WGRZ report,  suggests that kids learning from home should be told they are home for their well being for the moment but things could change at any time...let them know it's not permanent.

Regarding hybrid learning, Dr. Taublieb said this according to the WGRZ article:

"The hybrid parents, I think, kind of have it the easiest with the kids because they can say, you know what, you are so lucky. You have the best of both. You'll be able to go back to school, do face to face stuff, but you also have a few days when you're at home. How much luckier can you be?"

As for dealing with kids physically going back into the classroom, Dr. Taublieb suggests that you should let your kids be excited and don't let your anxieties influence them, according to the WGRZ report.


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