Catherine Scalia is clueless, but she is hilarious. The 45-year-old mother of four from Long Island, NY, operates a hot dog stand during the day and sells sex,........ strips and gives lap dances at night in her home at $100 a pop. Everything was smooth sailing, until one fateful day last week when she landed her stripping business card to an undercover officer. "He called me up and said 'you want to come to my house,' he came to mine," she said. "I start doing my dance. The next thing you know, the cuffs were on me, I was charged with prostitution."

That's a charge she takes great offense to, because she's no prostitute. "I'm not pleading guilty to being a prostitute. I'm pleading guilty to being a stripper," she said. "A stripper and a prostitute are two different things." She claims she has been a stripper for the past 20 years, and is noted for how clean she is. After pleading guilty to prostitution charges and was sentenced to seven days in jail, she gave this must-see press conference. The judge ordered her to complete a psychiatric evaluation. As promised, Catherine is back to slinging hot dogs and who knows what else. She's famous now, so those rates are going to go up. Who is paying this BIG DUMMY to have sex anyway ?