Buffalo native Brian McKnight came home this weekend and blew everyone away with his soulful, sensual and animated performance at UB Center for the Arts. He sang all his hits including One Last Cry, Anytime, and Back At One.

Born and raised right here in Buffalo, the audience gave McKnight a warm hometown welcome. He serenaded the crowd with a vast amount of his number one songs,  and the ladies were completely enamored by him. 

 The audience went crazy when he asked one lucky lady to come on stage and be his 'wife' for the next 6 minutes. You could tell she was melting after he got down on one knee, sang to her, and brought her a dozen red roses. What a gentleman!

The Buffalo audience also got the opportunity to hear from McKnight’s two sons, Brian McKnight Jr., and Niko McKnight. These two young men are successfully following in their father's footsteps. They got the chance to perform two songs from their group Broken Robots. They quickly won over the attention of everyone in the room. Brian Jr. clearly has undeniable talent. The young man belted out a song while little brother Niko sang and ripped on his electric guitar so well it gave people chills! They treated the audience with a song called Why Can't She be More Like You. This duo has raw talent! Once father McKnight came back on stage, one excited audience member yelled out 'Bring back Brian Jr.!'

One of the most surprising parts of the concert was how animated McKnight’s performance was. He was joking with the audience, laughing, dancing and even jumped down into the crowd and went through the aisles handing out hugs and kisses to the audience members. During his performance he belted out top songs from Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. The audience was in tune with McKnight and completely engaged in his performance. So much so that he came out for an encore after the crowd chanted 'BRI-AN, BRI-AN'.

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