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Brian McNight 10 year Album
Brian McKnight’s seventh studio album, 'U Turn,' celebrated its 10-year anniversary yesterday. Released on March 25, 2003, the effort was a new direction in Brian’s life.
This Week In Hip Hop with ReddRoxx
Nas’s Baby mother Carmen Bryan voices her disapproval of Nas’s newest song entitled “Daughters”. She’s upset that he would comment on their daughter’s short falls publically as he spoke on the incid…
Brian McKnight’s Song Sparks Controversy [NSFW]
Brian McKnight's new song entitled "If You're Ready To Learn", has gone "viral" and has everyone talking. Watch the video here where he talks about his new song and sings some of it.  Then take our poll and leave your comment about the song and Bria…
Hometown Crooner Returns
Buffalo native Brian McKnight came home this weekend and blew everyone away with his soulful, sensual and animated performance at UB Center for the Arts. He sang all his hits including One Last Cry, Anytime, and Back At One.