With fame and the hectic schedules, it would be easy to say that finding love in the music industry is a difficult thing to do. However, couples like Jay Z and Beyonce, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian prove that red carpet stardom doesn't stop them from having loving and fulfilling relationships. On the flipside, there have also been a number of couples that have split like Big Sean and Ariana Grande, who announced their amicable breakup earlier this month. But that's just one example of a hip-hop love story gone wrong. Lately, it seems that the hearts of a number of our favorite rappers and singers are coming together.

While some couples have been dating for a while and miraculously kept their romance away from the public eye, there are others who are more than willing to be open about their lovebird status from the beginning. They post cute selfies on Instagram, bring their current significant other onstage for an impromptu duet and even spend more time together in the studio, leading us to think a hookup was happening.

Although there are many reported romantic connections that haven't been officially confirmed by the parties involved, it's nice to think that these singers and rappers have really found their one true love (or possibly just for the moment). Plus they keep your fascination with celebrity love satisfied. Here are 10 Hip-Hop and R&B Hookups in 2015 (So Far).

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