This is one publication that I had the pleasure of purchasing and reading about two years ago after a friend mentioned to me this guy by the name of The Black Dot. Once I began to read this book I discovered that it was a very easy read, not complicated and very relatable to today’s young generation. The way that he breaks down the different elements of hip hop, the origins of it and how it has taken on a whole new persona and mission unlike what it was intended for back in the late 70’s. How to get unplugged from The Matrix and much more!

Here’s what one of Hip Hop’s Master MC’s had say about “Hip Hop Decoded”

“I have read many good Hip Hop books in the language of English, and have to give props to most of the writers that tried to shape the puzzle about Hip Hop Culture. But there is one book that I must say that shines like the Sun of them all. It is not your typical book about Hip Hop Culture. This great book is called, Hip Hop Decoded…If you’re looking for a Hip Hop book that breaks it down and builds it back up I say run, no warp speed and get the book Hip Hop Decoded. It will elevate you, open your Chakras, and try to help you get out of The Matrix…”

--Afrika Bambaata