The 41st season of NBC's Saturday Night Live made its debut last night, and as was inevitable, there were many a political sketch to be watched. One in particular, however, really stole the show.

In a skit titled "Hillary Clinton Bar Talk," SNL comedian Kate McKinnon pulled out her uncanny impression of the former First Lady and current presidential candidate for a bit that was equal parts satire and campaign promo—and all meta. Watch below:

In the clip, McKinnon's blue power-suit-wearing Clinton sits at a bar lamenting her problems ("Why won't the people just let me lead!?") and drowning her sorrows ("God, I love a scalding hot vodka!") until a bartender named Val—played by actual Hillary Clinton—strikes up a conversation.

As the two work off one another effortlessly, Val asking McKinnon's Clinton for her ID and telling her she gives off "such a young, cool vibe," a number of Clinton's real-life political campaign cornerstones are brought into the mix. When another bartender comes up to "Clinton" to thank her for all she's done for gay marriage, Val seconds the notion. "I could have supported it sooner," McKinnon's Clinton offers, starting a hilariously tongue-in-cheek back-and-forth between the two.

In another particularly funny exchange, Clinton complains about how "all anyone wants to talk about is Donald Trump," prompting Val (a.k.a. the real Hillary Clinton) to bust out an uncanny impression of her republican running mate: "Isn't he the one that's like, 'Guhhh, you're all losahs'?"

Towards the end of the skit, the two Clintons, real and impersonated, link arms for a cute duet of "Lean On Me." Well hey, if the whole president thing doesn't work out for Hillary, there's always show-biz!

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