By now everyone knows the importance of being vaccinated, but there are still some people on the fence. The school year is just weeks away from getting started and high-school sports teams have already started work-outs and are ready for their family and friends to see them play. The Delta variant is really causing some concerns, and it seems like if we don't get it under control it will affect fans attending, and players playing this school year.

According to NYSED suggests high-risk sports in areas where there is a higher rate of transmission be off-limits to people that are not vaccinated. The CDC and NYSED both understand how important sports are to high-school students, benefits like social, emotional, and mental health are all key factors in playing sports for students at the high school level. We know that participating in outdoor sports is safer than indoor sports when it comes to the virus being spread, but when players are in close proximity of each other for extended periods of time there is a concern that it could be spread more easily.

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As of right now, sports like soccer, golf, and cross-country running are still being allowed with careful guidelines in place. Like many parents, I would really hate to see young student-athletes go through this all over again. These students have worked hard all summer to try and stay in shape for the school year. I hope there can be some compromise with vaccinated players and fans so that the season can continue.


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