We all know the saying about what happens in Vegas, but it looks like what happens at Coachella just might stay with you for life.

Unfortunately for fans and concert-goers, reports of a herpes breakout connected to Coachella has put Southern Cali in a frenzy.
According to an online treatment website for STD’s called HerpAlert, there was a huge spike in people looking to get treated for herpes in neighborhoods surrounding Coachella.

Since day one at Coachella, the site reportedly saw a whopping 1,105 cases of herpes reported in Indio, Palm Desert, Coachella Valley and Los Angeles.
Representatives from the site told TMZ they typically handle 12 cases of herpes per day in Southern California, but they served almost 250 patients during the first two days of Coachella! The biggest previous spike was during Oscars weekend 2018, when they got 60 cases per day.

HerpAlert has been in business for two years. The site allows people to submit photo evidence of their condition for medical professionals to review. Once doctors come up with a diagnosis, they issue prescriptions to pharmacies for people to pick up in about a two hour time frame.


With such a quick turn around time, the site is able to service an average of 100 cases of STD’s per day. People have reviewed the site as quick, reliable, and efficient.
As of now, nobody affected by the STD has come forward to tell their story. But, we hope they are getting the treatment they need!

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