Another black man who wants to run for president of the country, Herman Cain, has already played the race card in a recent speech when asked about current president Barack Obama.His position is that now that America has put its first black man in office and he didn't really work out, so why should they vote for another black man? His answer is that what about the other 40 plus white men that were put in office?

He also made other comments that I strongly disagree with in reference to the founding fathers of this country, to which he speaks very highly of. I'm sure he knew the history of these men being slave owners. He also stands with everyone else on their disdain of the African-American community.

Does this man truly know and understand Black history and who he is? The problem in my opinion with men like Herman is that they have lost touch with their African identity and do not recognize who they truly are and the enormous sacrifices that were made by those African ancestors whose shoulders we stand on today and thank them for their commitment and struggle for equality.

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