Say word! It might be time to start filing some lawsuits! A former hotel dishwasher has been awarded $21.5 million for having to work on Sundays, here's why!

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The former hotel dishwasher, who is a Haitian immigrant, was assigned Sunday shifts, even after specifying that she was a devout Christian and needed Sundays off to attend church! She worked at the Conrad Miami Hotel for 10 years, but was fired in March of 2016, because she missed work on quite a few Sundays, according to WIVB. She told human resources that she could not work on Sundays due to religious reasons, it was even in her employee file! In the beginning, when she was assigned Sunday shifts, even though she notified her employer that she couldn't work, she would trade shifts with other employees. She ended up missing six Sunday shifts and was subsequently fired by the kitchen manager in 2015. She filed her her case with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, then she sued the hotel in U.S. District Court. "The law says if you have a religious belief, the employer has to make reasonable accommodations for you," said her attorney, Marc L. Brumer.

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