There always seems to be a "good news/bad news" situation with our weather. This weekend's story plays out with warmer weather. But with that comes a risk for ice jams along the creeks and streams.


According to Metro Source News:

On Saturday temperatures aren't expected to go below freezing and it's expected to stay that way until the middle of next week. Monday will be rainy and reach nearly 50-degrees.

Friday will be a breezy day and  will be rather quiet compared to what we have seen this season.

Below is a video from Utah that shows how to clear ice and snow away from a drain to help ease flooding around your neighborhood. The issue with ice jam is tricky because even with open drains, the water may not have anywhere to travel. Be prepared for the possibility of your basement flooding. It may be a good idea to raise important items on pallets or remove them to another level in your home.


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