Hey it's Yasmin Young and I'm teaming up with Hennessy to highlight black-owned businesses right here in Buffalo and Western New York as part of the WBLK Sable Series sponsored by Hennessy. For the latest edition, I talked to Shajuan Jackson, founder and CEO of Scents & Sensuality LLC, a cologne and perfume shop that carries a wide selection of premium-quality products. Check out our conversation below:

Let's talk a little bit about what your business offers.

We offer 100% authentic designer fragrances from the top names and celebrities. We carry it all.

I'm just curious, personally: what are your two best-selling scents?

My best-selling scent for men would have to be the Versace Eros. That's one that is always hard to keep on the shelf. We're constantly getting it in stock and selling out of it again. Another popular one for men is Jimmy Chu.

Do you offer any deals to your customers?

We have a loyalty rewards program. When people come in we offer that to them and that helps them get up to 20-50% off items along with free designer fragrances once they reach a certain number of points.

Where can folks find you? Do you have a brick and mortar store or are you online?

We do have a brick and mortar and we are also online. 3281 Delaware Ave is our address and our website is scentsandsensualityny.com. We're on all social media platforms as well, so it's pretty easy to find and locate us and do your shopping.