If there is one thing that Buffalo knows (besides wings), it is PIZZA! We love our pizza! And there is no shortage of great LOCAL WNY restaurants that serve up some of the best pizza in the nation.

In fact one of the oldest pizza joints in the country is right here in WNY. (Don't believe us? Check it out!)

But who has the BEST pizza in Buffalo and Western New York. We've had this argument before but there are CONSTANTLY new places and new recipes and new greats! So right now, what restaurant takes the TOP spot? Is it La Nova? Maybe Casa di Pizza? Bocce? Just Pizza?  Maybe you prefer Leo's in Buffalo or Chick-N-Pizza in South Buffalo? Or Leo's in East Aurora? Santora's? Nino's or Blasdell Pizza? (Your getting that this list could go on and on right?)

Here's how you help name the Cellino & Barnes Best 8 Spots For Pizza, tweet your nomination using #TheBest8. If you want to impress, the right choice is crucial! So let us know where you would go on Twitter @937WBLK and @Cellino_Barnes, and stay tuned to find out who is among the best.