If you thought the heat in WNY was extreme this weekend, get ready for an even hotter, record-breaking week.

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I spent some time this weekend at Delaware Park and Black Rock, hanging out by the water. Let me tell you, it was sweltering, so this week might just be unbearable! According to WGRZ, we are looking at temperatures 10 to 15 higher than normal. In the afternoons this week, we could see temps in the 90s. According to the forecast for Buffalo on Weather.com, Monday and Wednesday through Friday this week will reach the low 90s. Tuesday is expected to be just shy of the 90s, with a high of 89 degrees.

The 10-day forecast shows that temps will cool down this weekend, as rain makes its way into WNY. There is a 60 percent chance of scattered thunderstorms on Saturday and a 50 percent chance on Sunday, according to Weather.com.

"The biggest difference from the weekend's weather will be the addition of tropical-like humidity. Dewpoints could reach the mid to upper 60s heading into Wednesday and Thursday, and combine this humidity with 90 degree temperatures, heat index values could approach the triple digits those days." ~ WGRZ

Tips to stay cool when it's hot out:

-Don't exercise during peak times
-Drink plenty of water (make sure pets have lots of water too) and beverages that provide electrolytes
-Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible
-Wear loose-fitting, light-colored, cotton clothing

Get more tips at MedicineNet.com.

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