While I was up this morning, there was a great conversation on C-Span's Washington Journal about whether the Constitution applies to your daily life... I know it's involved in my daily life (cause I'm a closet nerd & I'm OK with that), but being that it's Constitution Day here in these good ole United States of America, I wonder what you all think/know about it...

So are you up to a quick constitutional quiz?

Answer the quick questions below and post your score in the comment box:

Quiz Courtesy of Scholastic

1 What does the word "democracy" mean?
a. The people rule.
b. There is a Constitution.
c. There is a President.
d. There is freedom of religion.

2 Government authority in the U.S. is limited by the separation of powers. What does the judicial branch do?
a. reviews the way laws are applied
b. writes the laws
c. carries out the laws
d. none of the above

3 Who is head of the executive branch?
a. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
b. the President of the U.S.
c. Speaker of the House
d. none of the above

4 Who writes the laws of the U.S.?
a. the President
b. Senators
c. House of Representatives
d. both the House and the Senate

5 Where does the government get its power?
a. the Constitution
b. the Bill of Rights
c. the Declaration of Independence
d. the people

6 The Bill of Rights __________.
a. is as important as the Constitution
b. is the first 10 amendments to the Constitution
c. serves as the cornerstone of basic American freedoms
d. all of the above

7 Which of the following freedoms is NOT guaranteed in the Bill of Rights?
a. freedom of speech
b. freedom of the press
c. the right of women to vote
d. the right to assemble

8 Who is the "Father of the Constitution"?
a. George Washington
b. James Madison
c. Thomas Jefferson
d. Benjamin Franklin

9 The Constitution establishes a system of _________.
a. Federalism
b. Democracy
c. Republicanism
d. Socialism

10 Why was the Constitution written?
a. to protect people from a strong national government
b. to protect the rights of individuals
c. to guarantee local government rights
d. all of the above