A doctor in Hamburg has been sentenced for importing heroin and cocaine.  It doesn't seem like he got a lot of time.

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Dr. Torin Finver pleaded guilty in January to bringing cocaine and heroin into Western New York, according to WKBW. Back in January, Dr. Finver pleaded guilty to illegally importing heroin and cocaine. On Wednesday (June 24), he was sentenced to eight-months, which is basically time served.

Customs and Border Protection officers intercepted a package in Chicago, which was addressed to Dr. Finver, coming from Germany. The senders information on the package was determined to be fake. The package was tested for cocaine and the results were positive. In December of 2018, an undercover agent delivered the page to Finver's home in Hamburg. Finver ordered the cocaine and heroin from Dream Market marketplace, which is described by Cyber Scoop as:

"Dream Market, founded in 2013 and only accessible with anonymity software, has been among the busiest drug sites in operation today, specializing in sales of narcotics as well as stolen data."

It might just be me, but only 8 months for internationally importing coke and heroin, seems like a minimal amount of time. He basically got a slap on the hand.

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