By now I’m sure we are all aware of the conflicted relationship between Halle Berry and her Ex Gabriel Aubry ever sense they separated in 2010 – from custody arguments to a physical altercation with Halle’s than fiancé now husband, Olivier Martinez. Well It seems the “roller coaster” of co-parenting for these two continues to be bumpy.

According to : Eonline.com

Attorneys for the Oscar winner and her ex, model Gabriel Aubry, were in court Monday morning to settle a disagreement over their 6-year-old daughter Nahla's hair, E! News confirms.

Apparently Berry objected to Aubry to having the child's hair straightened and highlighted when she's in his care, charging that the French-Canadian model, who is white, was trying to make Nahla appear less African-American. (Berry herself is the daughter of a white mother and a black father.)

After some back and forth in court, the judge ruled that, moving forward, neither Berry nor Aubry can alter Nahla's natural hair texture or color.

The details of today's argument and outcome were first reported by TMZ.

Neither Berry's nor Aubry's attorney has responded yet to E! News' requests for comment.”

I applaud Halle for standing up for what she believes in but I think its a shame when two parents cant come together and communicate for the betterment of the child. Sad when you have to go to court to get on the same page about your daughters hair style. I for one hope these two can work it out without further court action.

Do you think Halle was over reacting by taking her ex to court or would you have done the same in her situation?

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