There was a fatal shooting early Sunday near the Groove Lounge and the owners are speaking out!

Credit: WIVB

Buffalo Police are investigating a shooting that happened early Sunday outside of the Groove Lounge, according to WIVB. Marquino Green was killed in the parking lot of the Groove Lounge. He was shot to death in his car. Buffalo Police are concerned about the club, but Director of Operations Michael Jackson is peaking out.

"We can't be held responsible for premeditated things here, especially off of our property. If you ask anyone in the City of Buffalo, Groove Lounge, they feel very safe here."

Last July there was a shooting at Groove Lounge involving an off-duty police officer. The club was temporarily shut down, but made a deal to install added security cameras in order to re-open. Jackson said the club shouldn't be held liable, since the indicents happened outside of the club. He said Buffalo Police should be patrolling the area more.

"We've seen a few incidents at that location which led to a temporary closure in the past. Currently the city is looking into whether [Groove Lounge is] abiding by those restrictions and if, or what, culpability the bar has in this most recent event. If they are found to be negligent, then I would think the city would take action toward an emergency closure yet again."

If you have any info about this shooting, call or text 847-5522.

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