A Message for whoever is responsible for this foolishness:


My first reaction to the News of Racist Fliers being distributed in Lewiston last week and now in Grand Island was disgust, disappointment, anger, and hurt.  However, those emotions were very shortly displaced with calm and relief as I saw resident of both towns adamantly denounce the ridiculous behavior of one or maybe a few...noting that the recent racist flier distribution in the two towns was not at the hands of the many friendly and inviting residents of Lewiston and Grand Island, rather that of some one or possibly q small group of people who are probably not even resident of the town, and if so, they are cowardly resident at best.

My initial disappointment stemmed from the fact that annually I make certain I schedule a visit to take in the Lewiston Jazz Festival that takes place each summer where you couldn't meet a nicer group of people and residents.

WBLK is on a mission to promote togetherness among all communities and spread a message of Unity and Peace ...so my message to the person or persons who attempted to sway the emotions of the residents of Grand Island and Lewiston against certain groups of people is exactly as stated above:


WATCH: (as residents and City Officials denounce the Racist Flier distribution)

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