According to News Reports, Governor Cuomo has made a decision to make it a requirement to replace your 10 year or older License Plate.  Along with that requirement comes the cost to replace your old plate to the tune of $25.

This news story is a bit strange with Governor Cuomo stating there is a need for new plates because the old plates don't work well with EZ Pass or the cashless tolls, while the Thruway Authority is stating differently saying they are not aware of such a problem.

The decision by Governor Cuomo prompted a contest among NYS residents whereas we could vote on a design for the new plates.  The voting is over now but the link below shows the different plate designs.

Beyond the voting, many do not agree with Governor Cuomo's decision, although, according to the news story, the State of NY stands to make $75 million off of the new plates:

Governor Cuomo responded to the criticism saying the following, according to the news story:

“If you are an assemblyperson, you could have changed it any year; for the past ten years you’ve been in the majority. If you’re a Republican Senator, you could’ve changed it any year you were in the majority. It’s been $25 for ten years. It hasn’t gone up with the cost of inflation, et cetera. So, you are phony and you are a hypocrite.”


According to the news story, Cuomo also stated he is not sure how the state would inspect plates – if it would be through the yearly inspection or a visit to the DMV – but that he is open to allowing good condition plates to stay.

“Whatever is practical we will do, because if you don't have to replace the plate, if the plate is fine – fine,."But, if the plate is not fine and you're charging other drivers because we can't bill you, that's not fair."

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