If you are hoping to send your kids to a charter school in Buffalo in the future, they just made it easier for you to apply.

The good news is that if you're looking for an opportunity to give your child real world learning, in a diverse class with smaller class sizes, a charter school might be the way to go for your child.  And there are a lot of them here in Buffalo.

The bad news is that up until now, if you wanted your child to go to a charter school in Buffalo, quite often you'd have to fill out multiple applications and hope that your child would get accepted into one of them.

But according to a press release that was sent out today there is going to be a new application process for Buffalo Charter Schools. Parents will now only have to fill out one application for consideration to nearly all of them. The initiative was championed by the New York Charter Schools Association.

The application is free and can be found at enrollbuffalocharters.org.  It covers the following schools:

  • Buffalo Academy of Science #1
  • Buffalo Academy of Science #2
  • Buffalo Collegiate Charter School
  • Buffalo Commons Charter School
  • Buffalo Creek Academy
  • Buffalo United Charter School
  • Charter School of Inquiry
  • Elmwood Village Charter School-Days Park
  • Elmwood Village Charter School-Hertel
  • Enterprise Charter School
  • King Center Charter School
  • Health Sciences Charter School
  • Persistence Preparatory Academy Charter School
  • Primary Hall
  • South Buffalo Charter School
  • Tapestry Charter School
  • West Buffalo Charter School
  • Westminster Community Charter School.


The application deadline for the 2021-2022 school year is April 1, 2021.


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