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"It's been the craziest thing I've ever experienced," Jake Miller tells TheDrop.fm. The Florida native is excitedly referring to his Miller High Life tour. In January, the rapper started out on his performance trek and finished the first leg of the tour last month. Now he's currently on another 25-day run, and, just last week, he released an EP, 'The Road Less Traveled.' This 20-year-old obviously isn't lazy.

Miller, who signed a record deal with eOne Music earlier this year, is a storyteller. Songs like the guitar-laced 'A Million Lives,' featured on his EP, showcase his way with words.  "It's basically a heartfelt track," he shares. "It's inspired by the fan mail that I've gotten. It's about how fans have sent me letters and told me that my music has gotten them through certain situations."

"I get fan mail everyday," Miller continues. "Some of it's not good, like 'My four best friends just died in a car crash and your music has helped me get through it.' Other people have said they've been really close to just giving up on life and just how my music has helped them through it. That's kinda how 'A Million Lives' came about."

Of course he has to show some love to the ladies too. That's where his flirty track 'Glow' comes in. He plans to shoot a video for the song soon and, according to him, it has "the most radio potential."

So where did this fresh-faced talent find the inspiration to pursue a career crafting catchy lyrics? Through a fellow rapper. "Mac Miller inspired me to rap, not necessarily what he was rapping about but that fact that he was so young and white and Jewish," he explains. "I figured if he could break into the hip-hop industry in basically the same situation I'm in, there's no reason I can't."

Though he's busy onstage these days, the rhymer took some time out to Go Fishing with TheDrop.fm. Check out which lady he's crushing on, his memorable encounter with another rap star, the TV show he's embarrassed to say he watches and more.