Wow technology is something else I tell you. We all see the movies and Tv shows, Shoot some of us has or still do live this lifestyle but drugs in the prisons is actually real and getting a cell phone inside the jail is some what of a breeze to get in. I remember i watched a whole music video from inside a jail cell (Please don't ask where the video vixens was)

This is just proof that technology is crazy as a video released by Cuyahoga County in Ohio showed a drone dropping contraband to inmates in the jail.
Yep imagine you watching the jail security camera in the recreation area and boom you see something fall out of the sky and into am inmate shirt cause he was ready for the drop and then he missing the drop and now its a CELL PHONE AND MARIJUANA ALL OVER THE GROUND LOL. Check out the actually video right below.

They Said this is not the first time this has happened in that jail, just 2 days before this incident the same drone did the same thing.
jail is crazy man lol

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