March marks the 5th year anniversary of The Go Getta Mix. The Go Getta Mix has featured every DJ within the city of Buffalo providing a platform to showcase their talents. Thanks to the support of our Program Director  I have the great opportunity to feature a new DJ on The Go Getta Mix every Friday from 10PM-2AM on The People Station 93.7 WBLK.  In celebration of the 5th year anniversary I decided to bring back the DJ who was the first DJ to ever be featured on the show. The featured DJ for the month of March is DJ A-Smooth!


On the scene since 14, A-Smooth is a household name in the DJ industry. At the age of 5, he was fascinated by the TV show “All That,” where he first saw LL Cool J’s DJ scratch a record. At age 15, Smooth began DJing at the DJ Expo for major equipment manufacturer, Denon DJ. If the name A-Smooth is unfamiliar to you, the work he has accomplished definitely is not. His blends and remixes have been featured on HOT 97, JAMN 94.5, and HOT 93.7 just to name a few.




The Go Getta Mix has been a great platform for many DJs aspiring to be on radio and has developed many success stories. As always I am looking to showcase new DJs with great talent to hold down The Mix, The Go Getta Mix on Friday nights with me.

If you are a DJ or know a DJ who is interested in getting in the mix, The Go Getta Mix, on The  People Station that play the biggest hits of Hip Hop and R&B, email me at TheGoGettaMix@Gmail.com and I will respond back with the instructions. Let’s get in the mix!

-ADRI.V The Go Getta

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