Ellicottville Brewing is among the Western New York breweries that will be at the 2015 Buffalo on Tap Harvest Festival! Get to know your local brwery a little better, including a little about their most popular and their seasonal brews. 

WBLK: When Did You Open?

Ellicottville Brewing: 1995, October marks our 20th Anniversary.

WBLK: What Sets You Apart from Other WNY Breweries? What is the most unique thing about your brewery?

Ellicottville Brewing: The Village of Ellicottville is an experience. Western New Yorker's associate Ellicottville Brewing not only with good beer, but with good memories.

WBLK: Why did you decide to open a WNY brewery?

Ellicottville Brewing: Inspiration from the craft beer scene out West.

WBLK: What Is Your Most Popular Brew?

Ellicottville Brewing: Blueberry Wheat!

WBLK: Do You Have Any Seasonal Beers/ales/etc. this year? Tell us a little bit about them?

Ellicottville Brewing: Fall Festival, a very crisp, traditional Octoberfest lager, 5% ABV Caramel Apple Cuvee, an oak aged blonde ale, brewed with caramel, apple and vanilla, 8.5%

WBLK: Do you have any specials going on right now?

Ellicottville Brewing: There are always specialty brews that can be found in our brew pub down in Ellicottville.

WBLK: What's next for the brewery?

Ellicottville Brewing: We are teaming up with a local charity, the Punt Foundation and
releasing a special brew October 12th, Hang Time-Pale Lager. This beer will give consumer's the opportunity to donate to a great cause.

What brews are you bringing to Buffalo on Tap?

TBD...BUT my picks would be Fall Fest & Blueberry or Hang Time...

We are excited to be a part of Buffalo on Tap's Harvest Beer Festival, coming to Buffalo on Saturday, October 17, and we'll will be on hand for this amazing event featuring over 100 beers from America’s finest craft breweries.

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