It looks like serious changes are on deck for Bus & Rail service in and around Buffalo next year.

Last night the NFTA Board of Commissioners approved the 2012 budget which becomes effective April 1st. Coming in at about $198M, the new budget doesn't call for any fare hikes - but it does include lots of layoffs & serious reductions in service and routes.

Who catches the William St, Clinton St, Jefferson or Best St bus' on the weekends? Well you won't be next year; weekend service for those buses are cut!

Who rides the Main St, Baynes St, Colvin or Wholers bus? Well you won't be anymore, those routes are being totally eliminated!

I don't even want to speak about what's happening in/around Niagara Falls...

Here's a full breakdown/list of all the cuts that have been proposed.

According to the NFTA, the layoff's and service cuts are due to a budget shortfall of about $15M. It looks like the shortfall is due to cuts in financial aid the NFTA used to receive from the State.

Personally I wouldn't be so bothered by these cuts, if everyone in the State were being treated equally... However, we all know that's not the case. While the NFTA is seeing cuts from the State, the MTA in NYC is getting an increase of approximately $250M.

I'm not trying to make this a Buffalo vs NYC thing but #CmonSon...

Hello? Is this thing on? Are you paying attention? Do you even care?

So, what do you think about the proposed cuts to NFTA service?