The heating bill always jumps a little bit when winter rolls around in WNY, but you should expect your heating bill to increase significantly this winter. 

A spokeswoman for National Fuel, Karen Merkel, estimated that the average residential customer’s winter heating bill will be approximately $714. This amount is based on the months of November through March.

“This is a 43% increase compared to the last winter heating season bill when the typical customer paid $498,” Merkel said.

You may be it really supposed to be that cold this winter? Is that why my heating bill is expected to be so high?

The answer is -- not necessarily.

National Fuel clarified that the rise in their prices is simply due to fluctuation in the supply-and-demand of natural gas. 

Pricing for the deliveries of natural gas for the upcoming winter is more than double the average amount, with current prices set at $6 per MMBtu compared to last winter’s average prices under $3 per MMBtu. 

However, there is some good news. If you are eligible for HEAP assistance, you can apply for additional help as early as today.

“We are urging residents with heat service currently on and without a shut off notice to file HEAP applications online,” the ECDSS Assistant Commissioner Deputy Commissioner said in a press release last week.

You can file your HEAP application online here or you can email to request your application for financial assistance. 

National Gas realizes that heat is something that we cannot go without, especially during our winters in Buffalo. If you need help paying your heat bills, National Fuels says you can reach out to them directly for additional assistance.

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