We'd all love to get together for a slice or two with friends and family. While we still aren't able to do that yet, you ARE able to get pizza delivered to your door--or someone else's door!

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We're teaming up with JJ's Casa Di Pizza to give you the chance to Pizza-Bomb your friends and loved ones! All you've gotta do is enter their delivery information below and they'll be eligible to win a large pizza from JJ's Casa Di Pizza--delivered right to their door.

JJ's Casa Di Pizza is now open for business and is ready and willing to deliver ANYWHERE in WNY...and delivery is totally FREE. We know you're wondering, and YES--you can Pizza-Bomb yourself!

All we ask is that you take a picture using the hashtag #PIZZABOMB on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, tag us and show us how you're enjoying your pizza.

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