Drivers and gas station owners all up and down the east coast are recovering from the Colonial Pipeline hack. Last week cyberattackers hacked into the system causing the company to halt its operation in order to get control of the situation.

According to WIVB, AAA says that the national average for gas prices has gone up eight cents, which makes gas over three dollars. Take a look back at this same time last year, gas was almost one dollar cheaper. In 2020, the average was $2.16 in New York, now it is $3.06.

Take a look at gas prices now in Buffalo, Rochester, and Batavia, gas is still under three dollars. I'm sure many people are probably thinking like myself, it's still a poor time for this to happen because most people are just starting to get back to work.

Gas prices were already rising due to the higher prices of crude and demand ahead of the Memorial Day holiday travel season. AAA says that this holiday usually causes higher gas prices, but they don't think that this rise in prices is going to stop most people from getting out. I would have to agree with that as well. One of the things I've been hearing about the most is, getting vaccinated, and getting out of town.

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Now that Colonial is back up and running, we should start to see things level out in terms of gas availability and prices per gallon, and just like some of the travel experts say, I think we will still see people hitting the roads.

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