A couple of months rapper The Game posted a video of him assaulting fellow rapper 40 Glocc. Well apparently 40 Glocc has decided to file a lawsuit against The Game for assaulting him.

Details on the suit from XXL:

In the suit, 40 says that much of what happened was left out of the video, including when Game allegedly pulled out a gun and said, “Freeze or I’ma shoot, n***a.” Though at the time 40 took to Twitter to say that he was fine even posting pictures in the suit he is claiming that he suffered major injuries. 40 is filing the lawsuit against Game for unspecified damages, also claiming that Game ruined his reputation by posting the video on the web.

How in the world are you going to be a gangsta rapper, named after a pistol, and then file lawsuits for the behavior that you endorse in your music and your lifestyle ? This is another example of people letting the lifestyle they portray catching up with them. With lyrics like this:

40 Glocc – Where Them Hammers At

You dealin' with grown men, these hands'll hurt you
With crumbs off of my table, my homey'll murk you
Your life was adopted, you could say, I'll birth you
The nail in the coffin / Straight to your torso
BLIP-BLIP-BLOW Ain't you dead yet?

If I was the judge I would dismiss the case based off of the buffoonery 40 Glocc has displayed in the past. I hope the kids are paying attention. Welcome "gangsta rapper" 40 Glocc into the BIG DUMMY FILES even though he is probably going to get paid.

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