What do you get when you take the daughter of a one-hit-wonder Country singer and put her in the studio with one of the worst singing rappers in the game? A song called "My Darling"! Listen to Miley Cyrus & Future's new single inside and let me know if it's as bad as I think it is! 

This is a follow-up to her other Mike Will Made it banger "23" which debuted inside the #JazzyDriveAt5 .

I can rock with that song, but this "Stand by Me" sampled track known as "My Darling" is just not my cup of tea. But that being said, it will probably be the guilty pleasure of many this fall. Look for it on her debut rap album "Bangerz" due out October 8th 2013

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Miley tweeted this photo of her tattooed feet, celebrating her Rolling Stone magazine feature.