French Montana & Mekk Mill rocked a sold out show in Philly Thursday night and now one man is dead after a shooting in the crowd. Watch the dram unfold inside.

Frenchy and his crew were just enjoying a ride from the venue to their suite at the Holiday Inn Express, while a parade of groupies and fans followed his highly marked Tour Bus.

The crowd outside French Montana's tour bus quickly grew to a hundred people trying to catch a glipse of the rap crew inside who just sent this Instagram out into Twitterverse.


Then along came a hater in a four-door sedan who open fired and frighted the ladies away. Two men who were apparently parking lot pimpin' were hit. One died in the hospital, after being shot in the stomach.

The Police questioned everyone in & outside the bus.


Frenchy sent out this pic and tweets about the incident.


Police are still looking for the suspects in the 4-door car who did the drive by. Some of Frenchy's crew did fire back, but they have their permits so it's all good thanks to the 2nd Amendment.