French actress Alice Belaïdi has some explaining to do after she said her pet bulldog resembles beloved soul singer Jill Scott. The 30-year-old made the ridiculous comment on the French show Quotidien, after the host asked why her dog was named "Jill."

Why would someone say their pet resembled a human being? It's offensive, racist, mean, not to mention, extremely insensitive. But Belaïdi just laughed.

"Because she looks like, according to me, it's very subjective--to Jill Scott, the singer," she answered. The host disagreed after a side-by-side photo of Scott and the dog was put up. "They have the same nose, don't argue," Belaïdi insisted.

Then the host shot back.

"No, but Jill is much prettier," he said. "She doesn't look like a dog."

Afterwards, Belaïdi said Jilly from Philly was her favorite singer, but that doesn't excuse her gross comments.

You can watch a clip of that interview above and see the reactions on Twitter below.

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