Jill Scott's estranged husband, Mike Dobson is seeking $500,00 from the singer for damage he says he suffered during their union.  Additionally, Dobson wants their prenup agreement to be terminated, according to documents obtained by Bossip.

Scott filed for divorce back in September after 15 months of marriage, and on the same day she filed for separation, citing "irreconcilable differences" and "inappropriate martial conduct that such further cohabitation would be unsafe and improper."

Under Tennessee state law, where the singer filed the divorce petition, "inappropriate marital conduct" could mean anything from cruel treatment, infidelity, sexual impropriety or verbal and physical abuse. On the same day she filed for divorce, the Grammy-winning singer also got a restraining order.

Now, Dobson claims that Scott routinely humiliated him and is seeking $500,000 and an end to their prenuptial agreement. Dobson says he was coerced into signing the prenup three weeks before the marriage. He also says that he didn't have a lawyer overlook the paperwork.
“To (Scott), marriage is a matter of trivial convenience at best and a dispensable annoyance at worst, evidenced by the lightness, dismissiveness, and dehumanization,” Dobson’s countersuit reads. “(Scott) never attempted to salvage the marriage, which she strenuously endeavored to destroy.”

Dobson also says Scott broke a confidentiality agreement because she spoke to the press about their divorce and claims the prenup is invalid.

Scott has yet to comment on this latest news.


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