Tomorrow, Saturday, October 31, better known as Halloween, there will be a free Trunk Trick-or-Treat event at Sperry Park.

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The Sperry Park Halloween Trunk Trick-or-Treat Drive car parking will be from 3PM to 5PM ET, for cars to enter and set up props. The kids are welcome at 6PM ET, and can meet at the basketball courts. Kids will walk in groups of 10, wear bright colors and bring flashlights. This event is free and will include food giveaways and more. There will be a Soul Train costume line. Social distancing guidelines will be followed.  Please wear your mask. Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer will also be provided. Security will be on-hand to make sure everyone stays safe. Everything will be at Sperry Park.

Iris, the organizer of the event told me she wants to create a safe space for the kids to trick or treat. She wants the community to step up, leave the hate at home, and bring the love out. If you would like to help out — be one of the vehicles passing out candy or donate candy — stop by Sperry Park at 3PM ET Saturday and ask for Iris. This is a positive event, so leave any drama at home!

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