There will be a free mask and hand sanitizer giveaway in Niagara Falls this Thursday (July 2).

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Tomorrow, the Niagara County Department of Emergency Services will be giving away free mask and hand sanitizer in Niagara Falls, according to WIVB. The event will be held at the Niagara Falls City Market, located at 779 East Market Street.  The giveaway will begin at 9 am.  The event will end at 2 pm or whenever the free bags have run out.  Supplies will be given out on a first come, first served basis.  Both walk-up and drive-thru options will be available.

“I’m very happy that our Emergency Services team was able to acquire the next batch of supplies so quickly just as our community enters Phase 4 of reopening.” ~ Niagara County Legislator Dave Godfrey via WIVB


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