New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood has negotiated a $174 million settlement with Charter Communications, according to the Albany Times-Union, and as part of the settlement Spectrum customers will now receive free HBO and Showtime.

An ongoing investigation over the last few years over whether the former Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum) was fulfilling the internet speeds they had been advertising and promising to their customers.

While you can read more about the case here, what it means for Spectrum customers is some immediate benefits. As part of the deal that Underwood announced today, over 700,000 Spectrum customers will receive a direct refund of either $75 or $150, depending on how long they received inadequate service.

They will also provide the customer's choice of three months of HBO or six months of Showtime to anyone who doesn't currently have premium channels (and is a TV/internet customer). Just in time for Game of Thrones' final season, a LOT of Spectrum customers are going to finally see some payback for the many months of sub-par service.

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