You may remember the community outrage over the 2006 firing of Cariol Horne after she stopped another officer from choking a suspect during an arrest. Cariol's actions caused her to lose her job and her pension. According to WIVB,  after the State Supreme Court vacated a previous ruling that upheld her firing, Coriol Horne will now receive her full pension.

This case has received national attention, back in June, Cariol appeared on the CBS morning show and also CNN where she had a chance to talk about her decision to step in and protect the suspect that was being choked by the officer.

I don't want any officer to go through what I have gone through I have five children and I lost everything but the (suspect) did not lose his life. So, if I have nothing else to live for in life, at least I can know that I did the right thing, and Neil Mack still breathes

said, Cariol Horne.

The Buffalo Common Council passed Cariol's Law in September of last year, which will protect officers who step in to prevent officers from using excessive force. Judge Dennis Ward recently issued the ruling and said.

While the Eric Garners and the George Flyods of the world never had a chance for a do-over, at least here the correction can be done.

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I have been following the story since last year when the Cariol's law was passed by the Buffalo Common Council. I feel that it is good that Buffalo be the trendsetter in regards to protecting officers in situations like this.

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