Barbershop conversation is some of the realest talk you can have. But what this barber told my friend about kids in marriage is outrageous...... or maybe I'm just old school. 

So the conversation in the Chicago barbershop went something like this:

BARBER: “You ain’t ‘posed to get married before you have a kid! What  you gon’ do that foe?  You the only one in here done fucked up and got married before you had any kids. Ask any ni--a in this shop and they’ll tell you they ass got married BECAUSE they had a kid. F-- was YOU thinkin’, ni--?”

MARRIED MAN:  “I always thought you were supposed to get married first and then have a kid.”

BARBER: “Oh, that’s cuz you f---in up reading that Bible.”



So according to the Barber, marriage is something you are forced into once you get a girl pregnant. He and the other clients in the shop think my friend is crazy for marrying the girl BEFORE having kids. He's not alone!


A few of the new generation celebrities that I've interviewed lately like Omarion say that marriage isn't really as important as it was for our parents. The R&B / Reality TV Star, who already has a child and has never been married, is just ONE of the many people see nothing wrong with kids before (or without)) marriage.

But I was always taught: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby carriage. Anything else was having a baby out of wedlock, and that comes with public shame and a bunch of baby mama drama.

In a study tracking the first wave of millennials to become parents, a team from Johns Hopkins University recently found that 64 percent of mothers gave birth at least once out of wedlock. Almost one-half had all of their children without ever exchanging vows.

WOW - too me that's kind of sad. What do you think?