There's been concern lately regarding Facebook closely watching your trends on their Social Media platform and possibly selling your information to advertisers and then strategically placing ads relevant to what you like (based on your activity trends) on the side of your page with hopes that you'll 'click and buy'.  Your privacy obviously has been compromised according to these alleged Facebook practices.

Equally as serious are the allegations that Facebook worked with Russian Intelligence entities, during out last election, and was paid to post ads that would influence voters to turn away from Hilary Clinton.

Well all of these accusations have to be taken into serious consideration based upon what I'm about to show you.  You've heard about the never-ending ongoing debate as to whether College Athletes should be paid due to them doing all the work to attract an audience which pays to see the games, but the proceeds go to everyone with the exception of the players.  This is essentially what Facebook does.  You create a page and invite friends to share in the information you post about yourself, and vice versa, and Facebook benefits financially from the ads they've placed on your page when you or your friends click on the ads and or make purchases relevant to those ads.  It's unfair, an invasion of your Privacy, and greedy in my opinion.

I can't wait for someone to file a Class Action Lawsuit against Facebook challenging the fact that this entity made money from selling info about you or me which 'WE' never agreed to.

Now to the meat of this post and the part that may infuriate you, or frighten you, or possibly intrigue you ... an answer to the AGE OLD QUESTION:  HOW DOES FACEBOOK  KNOW ABOUT ME, MY LIKES, MY FRIENDS, AND EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH ME?

Well Here's How ...WATCH!

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