It all started with two wandering cows, and it looks like it ends behind bars?

This is a crazy story. Two of the cows from McKee Farms in Newfane walked down the street until they landed on Asha’s Farm Sanctuary on Coomer Road. 

Scott Gregson, owner of McKee Farms, insisted that the cows came from his farm, but Tracy Murphy, owner of the sanctuary, did not want to give them back in fear of the cows being slaughtered. 

Niagara County was basically split on both sides of the issue, but after law enforcement got involved, it seems clear what the end result of this neighborly battle is. 

Gregson told our friends at News 4 that he knew he was going to get his cattle back. “I knew they were my cattle and I had evidence proving that,” he said. 

New York State Troopers made their way to Asha’s Farm Sanctuary to pick up the cows with the SPCA and return them to their original owner.

Tracy Murphy, the president and founder of the sanctuary, refused to return the cows.

According to state police, Murphy was charged with third-degree grand larceny, which is a felony. The cows are now back at McKee Farms.

The proceedings were quick, with Murphy represented in court by a public defender and released on her own recognizance.

There is a felony hearing scheduled later this week, but part of Murphy’s release promises that she will stop posting about the case on social media. 

That does not mean that the animal activists in the community are going to stop, though.

Murphy called upon the vegan community for help on Monday.

Photo Credit: Facebook Screenshot Submission
Photo Credit: Facebook Screenshot Submission

“I desperately need volunteer guards tonight please help!! They want me to leave the sanctuary. I will not leave the animals. Please help!!! Police not responding!!!” Murphy wrote.

Murphy also shared one of the many threats she received from, what appears to be, someone in the neighborhood. You can read that below, but note that it is graphic.

Photo Credit: Facebook Screenshot Submission
Photo Credit: Facebook Screenshot Submission

While the cows have returned to McKee Farms, the question becomes what will happen to the other animals left at the sanctuary?

Many members of the vegan community fear that the sanctuary will be shut down, but volunteers have come together to help care for the remaining animals.

“I’m worried about Leo the Lion and the others,” fellow vegan Lynn Miller wrote.

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