Ever uploaded a dope video with your favorite song playing in the background only to get a message later that it's been removed for infringement? Or even worse, thrown in Facebook jail and prevented from posting videos? Well this may be an issue of the past as Facebook along with Instagram have inked a new deal which Universal Music Group paves the way by becoming the first music company to license it's music and publishing catalogues to the popular social media platforms. Pretty cool right?!

In a statement released by Tamara Hrivnak, Facebook’s Head of Music Business Development and Partnerships, she noted the how crucial it is to bridge this gap by stating:

“There is a magnetic relationship between music and community building. We are excited yo bring that to life on Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and Messenger in partnership with UMG. Music lovers, artists and writers will all be right at home as we open up creativity, connection, and innovation through music and video.”

As the landscape continues to evolve in the music business and social media being a big influence in music these days, this is a key piece to ensure that credit is given where due to the artists that work tirelessly to entertain the public.

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