He was one of the biggest fans the Buffalo Bills have ever had cheering for them.  But today, we received the news that Pancho Billa has passed away.

Ezra Castro is better known to people in Western New York as Pancho Billa.  He is kind of our adopted fan.  I say that because many fans of the Bills are either from here, have family from here or lived here themselves once.

Not Ezra.  Ezra lived in El Paso and Dallas Texas.  He never lived here.  He just loved his Bills.

The Bills Mafia (that's the name that Bills fans have claimed for themselves) have embraced him wholeheartedly and even declared him an honorary Buffalonian.

Two years ago, Pancho Billa turned heads nationwide when he was called up on stage at the NFL Draft to announce that the Bills had chosen Harrison Phillips.

Unfortunately this year, he wasn't able to join the fans at the draft in Nashville as he was battling stage 4 cancer.  He received a call from GM Brandon Beane in his hospital bed asking if Castro would pass the news to their representative that they would be choosing Ed Oliver in the first round.

He took that call in his hospital bed while in Hospice Care.

Today, the announcement came that Ezra Castro - Pancho Billa has lost his battle with cancer.  He never stopped fighting and encourages everyone who is struggling with anything to continue fighting too.

It's sad to think that he will never see the draft pick that he helped to make this year on the field.  But you can bet that they will be playing hard for him.

Viva Los Bills.

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